Every one us has a supernatural ability. It may just take extraordinary circumstances for it to come alive...
Experience the Boda Borg Quests and see what you become..

Boda Borg presents New Reality-gaming with unparalleled state-of-the-art Questing offerings.
Face a variety of mental and physical challenges with a team of 3 -5 people at the Boda Borg locations, where success in the first challenge means entry into the next. If you fail you have to start all over again or choose another Quest.
When you enter a Quest, you don't know what to do, or how much time you have, or how many challenges that Quest may have before you can conquer it. What you do know is that you must figure it out as a team, and that the odds are that you will fail, and fail often, before succeeding (if you are persistent enough).

Go out in real life, do it yourself instead – conquer a Quest!

For the Boda Borg Corporation we produced a teasing video. The teaser was filmed with one family that unlocked their supernatural abilities. Besides the teaser, we also produced a short 3D animation, that was used as an intro of the website. The site was designed and developed by Nerds&Company and won a few awards/nomination (CSS/AWWWARDS).

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Studio MAD
Ruben Cress Photography


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