GSCCC - Moodfilm
For the launch of the Global Community and City Challenge in Washington we produced (on behalf of Artica BV) a short 3D moodfilm.
Based on a voice-over script and custommade audiotrack, we designed a few stills and came up with the idea to animate glass-like shards. Each shard has its own strength.
Ever since you started to grow, you have been developing. Yourself. Your surroundings. Your success. Embarking on journeys. Travelling through new ventures. With vigor. Ambition. Vision. 
With the wind at your back, you set for the horizon. But what if you could catch the wind of others also? Find each other’s strengths. Globally. Cumulatively. Continuously. Together we can surpass that horizon.
Take a look around you. See how we’ve grown. Evolved. It’s in our nature to build on each other and reach beyond our own imagination.

Produced by Studio MAD commissioned by Artica.
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